Why Wexford?

So Why Wexford?

AVOID "F-TAGS" : We can help save you from getting an "F-Tag". Regulations from CMS now indicate that Skilled Nursing Facilities that have Residents who suffer from Substance Use Disorders must provide them with Substance Use Disorders Treatment Services. Failure to do so will result in a dreaded "F-Tag". To avoid an "F-Tag" the Treatment Services provided to your Residents with Substance Use Disorders can't be a general cookie-cutter behavioral health service. In order to qualify as Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services they need to meet specific criteria, like ours do.

BEST PRACTICES : The modality of choice for treating Substance Use Disorders is Group Therapy. Our treatment services include not only multiple Group Therapy Session per week, but Individual Sessions as well. Our program utilizes an Evidenced Based curriculum.

SPECIALIZED CLINICIANS : Wexford's Masters level, fully Licensed Clinicians are EXPERTS in treating Substance Abuse Disorders and the people who are suffering from them. You would no more hire a generalist clinician to treat a Substance Use Disorder than someone would hire a non-Oncologist to treat Cancer. You need the right tool for the right job. This is especially true when it comes to treating Residents with Substance Use Disorders. Our clinicians all have at least 10 Years experience in treating Substance use Disorders as a primary diagnosis.

INTENSIVE TREATMENT PROGRAM : By the time someone suffering with Substance Use Disorder(s) requires the services of a Skilled Nursing Facility, the progression of their addiction, and the consequences from it, are so severe they're going to require an Intensive Treatment Program if they're to have a chance at Recovery & Sobriety. Wexford has mastered operating an Intensive Treatment Program seamlessly inside the milieu of today's busy Skilled Nursing Facilities.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS : We don't take a "One-Size-Fits-All" approach to our work, your facility or our patients. We build custom programs based on the needs of your Resident population and unique facility & program needs.

STAFF TRAINING : We will provide the essential training your staff needs to successfully treat & cope with the challenges that come with this unique Resident population.

PROGRAM SUPPORT : If you have invited us to treat your Residents, we see you as a strategic partner. We can help you with everything from program integration to assistance with marketing,

NO COST TO YOU : Our services are directly billed to the 3rd party provider for all of our patients. You'll never receive a bill from us for any unpaid service of your Residents. The priceless consulting we will provide to you and your staff is free.